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Perspective on meat

You want to keep surprising your customers with something new. We respond to this need by regularly introducing new products that have been specially developed for meat. For example, our Veka-mixes that ensure perfect binding, colour retention and the most natural possible appearance of the meat. Our minced meat mixes, grill mixes and meat herbs have now become basic necessities for the traditional butcher.
Our product range
Our specialities

Our specialities

Taste Sensation Bacon

seasoning with lightly smoked bacon

Hachee sauce

ready-made sauce for hachee, stews and jugged hare
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Dennis van de Ven
I use the Degens Easy Cajun breadcrumb mix for my Brabant slices. It combines perfectly with the minced meat slice. On top of that the breadcrumbs are very colourful because of the herbs and spices. Together, this results in a spicy flavour and a nice, crunchy coating. 
We have been working with Degens’ chicken herbs for 32 years. At the Kippaleis we use these herbs to season our chicken wings. The chicken herbs have a light, sweet flavour and contain delicious spices such as lovage, fenugreek and turmeric.
Jan Beyens
As a specialist in fresh products I go in search of the best herbs and spices. I find these at Degens, where they have good herbs and spices with an authentic flavour. Because of the quality of the products it is easy to produce your own creation. You add a high-quality taste to it and that allows itself to be easily combined.
Versatility and user-friendliness are characteristic of Degens’ products. It is perfectly simple to make variations according to your own wishes and to produce several combinations with one product. For example, I use the Taste Sensation Curry for chicken, salads, and sauces.