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And then preferably something completely different

You can expect more from Degens and we can demonstrate that quite convincingly. We will offer you, the specialist in traditional fresh products, the best possible support and will continue to work actively on successful innovation, both for our range of products and for yours. 
Our recipes


Herbs and spices for the butcher


Marinades and total concepts for the fishmonger


Herb and spice blends for the greengrocer

Fine foods

Various applications for specialist shops

Wild & Poultry

Delectable spices, sauces and marinades for master poulterers


Not only do we have to surprise you, but together we have to surprise the consumer too. To do this we will provide you with innovative ideas such as our Tulip Bulb (Tulpenbol). The consumer needs to remain curious about what you have to offer.
Also possible for you
We have been working with Degens’ chicken herbs for 32 years. At the Kippaleis we use these herbs to season our chicken wings. The chicken herbs have a light, sweet flavour and contain delicious spices such as lovage, fenugreek and turmeric.